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Amy talks about her instruments:

Ashley:Did you just pick up the tin whistle and learn that or, someone taught it to you or … ?
Amy:Yeah, I mean I already knew how to play oboe.
Ashley:At school or just because you picked up an oboe at home?
Amy: I learned oboe at school in fifth grade. And then I taught myself to play flute to be in the marching band, in high school. And then after that, I went to a music party with some people I knew from folk dancing, and they had this big basket full of tin whistles and they had a bagpipe chanter and harmonicas and stuff in this basket and they just sort of passed around this basket. My mom had a tin whistle that my dad and I had gotten her, that she had played maybe once, so I said "Oh, I've seen one of those things before." And I had just taught myself to play the flute. I'm thinking "How different can it be?" Started tooting on it. It's really easy and fun to play actually. The fingerings are the same as the oboe.
Ashley:And you have a whistle for each key. I'm not well-acquainted with the concept of an instrument (other than a harmonica) having a specific key.
Amy:Well that's true but that makes it easier because there's fewer notes that you have to learn to play.
Tom:Lots of wind instruments are like that.
Ashley:I guess this is something I was totally ignorant of until I heard you call it a C whistle. "Whaddaya mean you have to have a C whistle? Why can't they just put it all into one instrument?"
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