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321 Grayling Ave., Narberth, PA  19072
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[Contents.] The table of contents. Begin your journey here!  

[About the Band.] Everything you wanted to know about Broadside Electric is just a hyperlink away. Read about our history, band news, learn who's who, or just sit back and peruse the incredibly long interview, recorded at a restaurant somewhere near the University of Pennsylvania. We've even included a ton of links for your browsing enjoyment.  
[Biography.] This is the requisite "get acquainted with the band" item. If you've never heard of Broadside Electric up 'til now, allow this to serve as your orientation.  
[News.] More Band News from your "More Band News" source. All the archives are here too. Every single announcement, e-mailing and news item ever posted by the band.  
[Personnel.] Here we offer a look inside the minds behind the music. How did we become so twisted? Even we're not sure, but individual bios, photos, trivial tidbits and other clues abound.  
[Interview.] Truly a labor of love, here is a full-length interview (and we do mean full-length). If reading this from start to finish doesn't make you a full-fledged Broadside Electric scholar, nothing will.  
[Links.] We've searched the 'net high and low for all kinds of stuff. Check it out. You just might learn something new (though, statistically speaking, it's a toss-up).  

[Their Music.] Still not satisfied? Here's the straight dope on every instrument we've ever taken advantage of, plus liner notes to all our albums, all the lyrics, our entire repertoire-to-date and the entire Clever Sheep Records catalog. Yow!  
[Instruments.] Have you ever wondered about the sordid origins of our musical instruments? We've got a truckload of 'em, ranging from the popular (guitar) to the obscure (crumhorn) to the truly bizarre (juice caps).  
[Liner Notes.] We've recorded four albums and one CD-ROM demo on the Clever Sheep label. Herein lies the original liner notes for each one.  
[Lyrics.] Say what? All the lyrics to all the songs ever performed by Broadside Electric are now yours to treasure. Each one was not hand-painted by the skilled artisans of the Franklin Mint, but if they were, you know you'd still want to sing along.  
[Repertoire.] This is one enormous list! For the scholars in the audience, we offer a comprehensive directory of everything we've ever played. We even divided the list into parts, by lineup. We aim to please.  
[Merchandise.] Browse the catalog of Clever Sheep Records, dealing in only the very finest in musical diversions since 1990.  

[Photography.] But wait! There's more! You also get this fine collection of color and black & white photography, ready for print or web use. We even give you instructions on how to use them!  
[Using the Photos.] Using digital imagery is a fine art, the traditions of which have been passed on from generation to generation. Now you too can learn the secrets of handling electronic imagery. The answers are right here.  
[Black & White.] Our selection of black & white photography. Perfect for monochromatic reproduction in a variety of formats (newspapers, flyers, posters, brochures, the sides of milk cartons).  
[Color.] Color photographs for a colorful world. Great for use in the aforementioned formats, plus if you print them at life-size scale, you can cut out the faces and build your very own "Pose with Broadside Electric" poster!  

[Press Materials.] No band web site would be complete without lots of shameless self-promotion. Not to disappoint, here you'll find quotes, select articles and reviews, places we've performed, plus our online concert calendar. 
[Quotes.] Read what people are saying about us behind our back. It's fun!  
[Articles.] Selected reviews and articles from the likes of Consumable Online, Dirty Linen, Mostly Folk, and the Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader.  
[Venues.] Where have we played? Where are we likely to play again? If your venue isn't listed here and you'd like it to be, let us know! We could be coming to your town.  
[Concert Calendar.] Keep current with our master plans for world domination, one concert at a time.  

[Text Only.] All the plain text versions of these hallowed pages, plus directions on how to use them and where to find them.  

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