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Broadside Electric • 321 Grayling Ave., Narberth, PA  19072
+1 (610) 667-9216 • info@broadside.org

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Player Tenure Instruments

Joe D'Andrea 
Drums and assorted percussion, other fiddle, vocals. 
Melissa Demian 
Lead vocals, Appalachian dulcimer, occasional percussion, police whistle, siren. 
Rachel Hall 
English concertina, piano/keyboards, recorders, tinwhistle, accordion, vocals, occasional percussion. 
Amy Ksir 
Tin whistles, flute, oboe, vocals. 
Tom Rhoads 
Lead vocals, guitars of various sorts, Appalachian dulcimer, harmonica. 
Jim Speer 
Chapman Stick® and electric bass guitar; wind instruments including recorders, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, crumhorn and rauschpfeife; backing vocals. 
Helene Zisook 
Acoustic and five-string electric violins, viola, mandolin, backing vocals. 


Other Prominent Folks

Name Role

Mike Ciul 
Sound engineer extraordinaire, road crew, did not "moo" on "Amplificata." 
Dan Riles 
Assistant sound engineer, crew, photographer. 
Alan Rose 
Friend of Broadside Electric and all-around really really nice person. 

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