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Broadside Electric • 321 Grayling Ave., Narberth, PA  19072
+1 (610) 667-9216 • info@broadside.org

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Amy Ksir talks about meeting the band:

Amy: Anyway, [Haverford alumna] sarah marie and I met at a math conference, because we both do algebraic geometry, and we were talking. And after a couple of days of knowing me, she had sort of figured out what kind of person I was, and she said "Oh, I bet you're a vegetarian, and hang out with all of those Bryn Mawr people, and go see Broadside Electric." And I was thinking, "Who?" So she told me to go see Broadside Electric. I forgot all about it until I heard you on the radio. And then I said: "Damn!"
Jim:You wrote us that e-mail that I just found again on the computer.
Amy:Mmm. Right.
Helene:I thought you were a Bryn Mawr student.
Amy:Because I was hanging out with Nif and Stasa?
Helene:And also because you're just that way.
Amy:Right. And that's the thing that sarah marie sensed.
Ashley:So you sent the e-mail …
Tom:Which e-mail was that?
Amy:Yeah, I think they gave the e-mail address on the radio, so then I e-mailed. I found the website. Maybe I just e-mailed them, I can't remember, so I checked the calendar and then I said: "Oh, they're playing at The Mermaid Inn in January!" I didn't know where the Mermaid was.
Jim:You did or you didn't?
Amy:I'm trying to remember if I had ever been there before in my life … I had! Because that was actually the first time – OK I lied, the first time that I met Helene and Tom was at The Mermaid a year before that.
& Jim:
Amy: Yeah, at Open Circle. You probably don't remember, it was years ago.
Ashley:What was your impression then? Did they stick out?
Amy:They seemed like really cool people that I wanted to know and hang out and play with.
Helene:Too bad it didn't work out.
Tom:I remember a time when you were there with Ann and Robert and Larry and you all did that song about wanting to be a farmer.
Ashley:Hey, I want to know about musical beginnings here. I want to know about your tortured childhoods.
Helene:Well, there was "the rack."
Ashley:"Give the rack another turn!"
Tom:The rack: An instrument of torture.
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