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Broadside Electric • 321 Grayling Ave., Narberth, PA  19072
+1 (610) 667-9216 • info@broadside.org

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Quotations. Some of these little words of wisdom are by us. Many others are by people that have listened to our music. In any event, this is a good place to learn what other people are saying about us.


"Folk music with teeth."
"Folk music's answer to death metal." - Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader
"Your typical British Isles/Klezmer progressive rock folk band."
"All the violence and mayhem of old Celtic songs, executed with a plugged-in sound." - Tevis Stites-Robertson, Mostly Folk
"Refreshing treatments of traditional material."
"Pennsylvania's answer to Steeleye Span." - College Music Journal
"An amazing hybrid of folk and rock music." - Tim Weinrich


"Their sound is distinctly their own, inspired by many sources and yet indebted to none." - Tevis Stites-Robertson, Mostly Folk
"This group researches traditional music, then goes out to play it with mischievous good humor."
"Their careful arrangements bear repeated listening."
"Their album More Bad News was named one of the top five albums of 1996 by Philadephia's well-known folk radio DJ, Gene Shay."
"They give members of the usual folk audiences something new to talk about." - Steve Winick, Dirty Linen
"Their music is almost timeless, because they draw on such a wide variety of sources for inspiration." - Tevis Stites-Robertson, Mostly Folk
"If you're a Steeleye Span fan, you ought to hear these guys." - Steve Winick, Dirty Linen


"Despite the youth of its membership, Broadside Electric is Philadelphia's leading and longest-lived electric folk band. In their years together since 1990, this quintet has produced three CDs and is at the peak of its form, attracting critical praise and national attention. They have built a reputation for thoroughly original arrangements and painstaking research into traditional English, Celtic, and Eastern European music."

"This group has taken traditional music from many cultures and added their own style and a rock beat. The result is energetic, haunting, beautiful, and fun."

"If you like folk music, you'll probably like Broadside Electric. If you like Rock & Roll, you'll probably like Broadside Electric. If you like Irish ballads, you'll probably like Broadside Electric. If you like Middle Eastern folk music, you'll probably like Broadside Electric. If you like most/all of those things, we guarantee you'll love Broadside Electric." - Tim Weinrich

"This outrageously creative Philly-area Electric-folk band starts with a hodgepodge of musical traditions including Irish, British, Klezmer, Balkan, and American folk, filters them through a progressive-rock sensibility, and manages to push the results in unique and delightful new directions." - Mark Stewart

"Following in the footsteps of such bands as Fairport Convention, this quintet of young musicians takes traditional ballads and dance tunes, applies modern (and some old) instruments and musical approaches, and makes exciting music, all the while maintaining great respect for the source material. Their musical tools include guitars (acoustic and electric), fiddle, Chapman Stick, whistles, drums, dulcimer, and multiple part vocal harmonies." - The Folk Project

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