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Broadside Electric • 321 Grayling Ave., Narberth, PA  19072
+1 (610) 667-9216 • info@broadside.org

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Broadside Electric

Huh? Links about us? You bet. (Hey, we had to put 'em somewhere.) Most, if not all, of these sites also offer MP3 audio of select Broadside Electric tunes!

A word about Broadside Electric's MP3 files: The MP3s we have posted (one from each Broadside album) were all carefully considered and approved by the band once upon a time. They are of very high quality and are full-length tracks to boot (128-bit, 44.1, Stereo for you MP3 die-hards). Which tracks? Ahh, you'll have to visit the sites above to find out.

Our aim is to give folks a taste of Broadside through the years by giving away one (and only one) sanctioned track from each album and making them as widely available as possible. We encourage everyone to point folks to these MP3s, often. Spread the word, why dontcha. In fact, if you want to broadcast these files over Napster, SHOUTcast or Live365 go nuts.

Just don't shut any college campus computer networks down in the process, OK?

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