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Fourth Lineup: 1997-Present

[Band Photo, 1997]

L-R: Tom Rhoads, Helene Zisook, Ashley D'Andrea, Amy Ksir, Jim Speer.
Photo: Mike Ciul

Late in the spring of 1997, a decision was made to bring new people into the band, principally to expand the band's musical range. The new recruits were Ashley D'Andrea (drums, percussion and vocals) and Amy Ksir (tin whistle, oboe, flute and vocals).

The group quickly got to work integrating the new members. There was an immediate burst of creativity as they developed new repertoire and reworked older material to take advantage of the bigger sound. The first "expanded" performance was a showcase at the 1997 Philadelphia Folk Festival (with Ashley added to the previous trio lineup), and the first quintet concert was held September 13, 1997 at Philly's late, lamented LionFish coffeehouse. Broadside returned to the Philly Folk Fest in 1999 for a set on the main stage, and continues to perform at many regional festivals and concert series.

In 1998 the band produced a five-track demo CD, which doubled as a CD-ROM providing an assortment of publicity materials in digital form. Musically, the demo disc presaged the fourth full-length Broadside Electric CD, With Teeth, which was recorded and released in 1999. With Teeth shows off the creative energy of the new lineup, and includes guest performances by former bandmembers Melissa Demian and Rachel Hall. The album has sold well and garnered enthusiastic reviews.

On 2 December 2000, Broadside Electric celebrated its 10th anniversary with a five hour gala concert at Philadelphia's Sedgwick Cultural Center. All seven present and former members (and several special guests) were in attendance, and each lineup played a set. The evening was capped by a seven-piece set featuring three newly arranged pieces and a giant sing-along on the perennial "New York Girls."

[Band Photo, 2000]

L-R: Ashley D'Andrea, Tom Rhoads, Helene Zisook, Jim Speer.
Amy Ksir, Photo: Mike Ciul

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