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14 July 2000

Broadside Featured in Dirty Linen #89

Not too long ago, Broadside Electric held court with Dirty Linen's very own self-proclaimed Celtonerd, Steve Winick. We're proud to announce that the best bits of that conversation can now be enjoyed as a feature in the August/September issue of Dirty Linen (#89)!

For those not in the know, Dirty Linen is one of the very best magazines available about folk and world music. In fact, by the time you read this, Issue #89 will be on newsstands and at fine booksellers in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere ... before you can pronounce "Xcgfjwbq."

Steve has put forth such a well-crafted three-page article, why we're sure it is destined to become a B.E. collector's item. (At the very least a copy will land in Joe's hermetically sealed archive vault.)

For those who like to read articles online, www.dirtylinen.com will soon carry it as well. If you don't get a printed copy in time, not to worry. They also sell back issues ... while they last.

OK, have we plugged this enough yet? :-)

10th Anniversary Concert Announced

Hear ye, hear ye: Our 10th Anniversary Concert is now official! Mark those calendars down with permanent marker or something, got it?

Date: Saturday, 2 December 2000
Time: 7pm - really late
Place: Sedgwick Cultural Center
7137 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA
+1 (215) 248-9229

Also scheduled to perform (at press time):

We're also working hard to get others in on the fun, including Other Broadside Alum Melissa Demian. We'll keep you in the loop as things develop.

What you'll see/hear:

  • Solo sets by our wonderful guests performing as "our wonderful guests"
  • Nostalgia sets presented by former B.E. line-ups
  • Performance of new/old (and borrowed/blue?) material with our guests
  • The possible debut of brandy-new seven-piece band material <!>
  • Unveiling and ensuing sale of the requisite 10th Anniversary t-shirt
  • Lots of warm fuzzy good feelings, freely shared with all who attend
  • "... and more!"

T-Shirt Design Contest Begins

Our financial advisers inform us that it's time to offer a new Broadside Electric Souvenir T-Shirt. We believe our tenth anniversary marks the perfect occasion.

We also know there is untapped artistic potential lurking out there. What to do? Ultimately, we decided to sit back and let you do all the hard work. :-)

Oh, but we'll make it worth your while. How? With a T-Shirt Design Contest, of course. Ready? Here's all you do.


"Look at all these fabulous prizes!"

Here is a list (current at press time):

  • Three t-shirts!
  • The complete Broadside Electric CD catalogue!
  • Name any song at all. We will learn and perform it (or something close to it) at the 10th Anniversary Concert at the Sedgwick on December 2nd.
  • We will perform a traditional song in which your name will figure prominently (read: we'll make it fit) at the 10th Anniversary Concert.

How to Enter

Deadline for submissions is Saturday, 2 September 2000.

Via E-Mail:
[email protected]
(For very large image files you may refer us to a web page instead.)
Via U.S. Snail:
Broadside Electric
T-Shirt Design Contest
c/o Clever Sheep Records
P.O. Box 331
Ardmore, PA  19003

The Fine Print:

  • Please include your name, a valid address (e-mail or U.S. Snail) and/or phone number so that we may contact you if necessary.
  • Materials sent to our P.O. Box cannot be returned.
  • Winners will be announced 1 October 2000 in the Gigs-R-Us newsletter, on www.broadside.org and at the next scheduled B.E. performance.
  • T-Shirts will be available for sale at the 10th Anniversary Concert on 2 December 2000.

* Instructions adapted from the UVA Comp. Sci. Design Contest

New www.broadside.org Unveiled

In tandem with the Dirty Linen feature, we have altered our web site somewhat. Those who have seen our 1998 CD-ROM Demo will be familiar with the changes, and now there's still more to chew on.

We've added a search engine, the table of contents offers a birds-eye view of everything on the site, we even dropped a quick recruitment - er, um, mailing list subscription form on every page. A brief summary on the contents page rounds things out, keeping you up-to-date on what's happening in B.E.-land. You've even got the lyrics. Wow. You are all soooo spoiled.

Still more changes are forthcoming. Keep your eyes peeled, 'cause the web elves are going to be biz-zay this summer.

More Band News

As you sit poolside this summer, basking in the sunlight (with sunscreen at the ready, or a shade), sipping pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain ... if you're not into yoga, if you're into champagne ... you might wish to see a specialist 'cause you're channeling Rupert Holmes.

It also means, of course, that John Malkovich has company.

If, on the other hand, you're only doing the sunlight basking bit, or whatever aquatic, summer, hiking, nature-walk, boardwalk, theme-park, movie recreation suits your fancy, then good for you! You're enjoying these summer months in grand style. And well you should. It is, after all, the last one of the millennium (right? - well, no, let's not get into that argument now, we could go on for days).

Broadside is also quite busy and having tons of fun. Aside from all the aforementioned madness (Dirty Linen, 10th Anniversary preparations, etc.) here's "what we did on our summer vacation" thus far (or, for the Fairport-inclined, "what we did on our holidays"):

  • Broadside Electric recently emerged from Mix-O-Lydian studios along with folk mastermind Mike Agranoff and engineer Don Sternecker, having recorded a very unique and moving song: "Gypsy Davey: One Year Later." If you're familiar with the original tale of Gypsy Davey, this time around it's "the rest of the story" as conceived and told in song by Mike. Upon hearing a rough mix, we're already growing impatient - we simply can't wait for you to hear this one. Hmph! Listen for it on Mike's forthcoming action-packed CD, slated for release December 2000. Visit www.mikeagranoff.com for news and info, plus we'll keep you posted right here on this station.
  • We had a wonderful time at the Ice Cream Festival in Wilmington, DE this past weekend. Held on the Rockwood Estate grounds, it featured a dizzying array of vendors, arts and crafts, activities for the kids, antique automobiles, a very large cow, lots of ice cream from the folks at Turkey Hill, hot air balloons, lots of cannons, a full orchestra, Trout Fishing In America <!>, and li'l ol' us. Not only did Broadside alum Rachel Hall join us on-stage for a few tunes, but we did the CD signing thing and even took part in a marvelous video interview. Gosh, is this a great country or what?
  • Amy, Jim and Helene were recently spotted in the studio with the ab fab Akire Bubar, recording new material for her forthcoming CD, entitled "Arms of the Sun." Keep an eye on www.akire.com for details. News flash: We hear it is already mastered and ripe for manufacturing (ooh! ahh!).
  • Not one to rest on his laurels, Tom is hard at work devising super-new arrangements of traditional tunes, designed specifically to amaze and delight every last one of you! (You too. Yes, you in the corner with the snorkeling gear and the swim trunks - though we admit that's a rather daring choice of colors and patterns but, what the hey, it's a free country.)
  • Amy and Helene are also hard at work ... on new tune sets! Yes, friends, the smoke-filled room is getting smokier by the minute. A few more of these and we're all going to need a NicoDerm fix. Initial rehearsals confirm - they're really turning out "some good stuff, man."
  • Joe was recently spotted in the title role of "Snoopy!!!" at his collegiate alma mater in Hoboken, NJ. Sources inform us he may be tapped for voice-over work on South Park if he keeps this up (and if you believe that, I also hear Tom just sold some choice undeveloped land over in Finland for a small fortune).
  • Speaking of Hoboken, Broadside recently performed an electrifying concert with the dynamic duo Margo Hennebach and Mark Saunders (at the very same locale, DeBaun Auditorium, on the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology). Both groups took turns alternating sets, with each half ending in a combined performance that blew away everyone, clear through the back wall. It was recorded for posterity so, you never know, it might resurface in the future.
  • I tell ya, Helene is keeping busy in so many wonderful ways, and one way is with an exciting new contradance band called Spinning Jenny. It features B.E. alum Rachel Hall and, judging by the name and genre, it's got to be dizzying fun. More info RSN (real soon now).
  • Jim continues his escapades with Cap'n Mikee Ciul and that bastion of improvisation and low-budget performance art, UNSOUND. Visit virtually via www.eyeballsun.org (which, alas, has no v's in it). To adapt a phrase from our good friend Mike Agranoff, witnessing this ensemble live is definitely a "Broadside Imperative." "You can" do it - 5 August 2000 at CEC in Philadelphia.
  • Helene is recording (again, surprised?) with the fine Philadelphia sea-song group, The Shoenwalds! We expect further development as the months roll by, and will keep you up-to-date.

Joe D'Andrea

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