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5 May 2000

Well, well. We certainly are in festival-hoppping mode now, aren't we?

Quite frankly, we couldn't be happier about it. Festivals are well attended and well promoted, plus they often have a theme that runs through everything, including the music (like the Philly and Baltimore Folk Festivals). Bottom line: We get to play the music we enjoy and reach a wider audience, many hearing us for the very first time.

To those who have come out to see us in the past, a heartfelt thank you. To everyone else, hey - get some fresh air - it's good for you! :-) We encourage everyone to set aside some time and enjoy everything these community festivals have to offer. It's time well spent.

Reaching a wider audience is also what our June 9th appearance at DeBaun Auditorium is all about. ("Ho-BO-ken?! Oooh, I'm a-DYYYYin'!) But seriously folks, Hoboken is quite an eclectic town, abuzz with music, theater, art and activities of every sort. We've had our eye (and ear) on Hoboken for a few years now searching for just the right opportunity. Thanks to the folks at DeBaun we have finally found it!

Now we're aiming to conquer the home of Frank Sinatra the only way we know how: staging a double-bill concert with Margo Hennebach in a newly renovated 500 seat auditorium and spreading the word to everyone within earshot (and then some).

Are we crazy? Of course! You have to be crazy to try a stunt like this, but then we wouldn't have it any other way. We'll be making an audio (and, as of right now) video recording of this concert for posterity (or who-knows-what?). So, if you ever wanted to be part of a recorded concert event, here's your big chance! Definitely mark this one down.

In the coming weeks, we'll be launching a new section of www.broadside.org where folks can get involved in promoting Broadside concerts in their own home town. We'll provide all kinds of downloadable stuff: cover letters, info sheets, posters, postcards and who knows what else, all in one place, with super-easy step-by-step instructions.

So if you know of a place you think we should be playing in the NY/NJ/PA area (or, yes even DE, MD, VA, MA, VT, ME - do we have to spell 'em all out?), don't be shy! Write and tell us why you think it would be a good pick. If we book it, you'll get the opportunity to be our venue liaison and even introduce us on-stage (unless the venue already has an emcee ... but that's OK, we can think of other ways to thank you publicly for all your help!).

Joe D'Andrea

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