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14 April 2000

We've been very hard at work broadening our internet horizons! To that end, we are pleased to share with you several sites where uninitiated folks the world over may be introduced to all things Broadside. Treasures abound: MP3s, bios, photos, discussion forums, chances to write reviews and rate tunes and so on. (This is in addition to listings already on the likes of Excite, Yahoo and such. We're mighty pleased.)

Of course we realize, dear reader, that you might have seen bits of this before ... on a site called, umm ... www.broadside.org . But you knew where to look, see (or you saw us live, or found us through an internet search). In that case, just consider this more info for all the Broadside completists out there. Let us know what you think, and Bon Appetit!

Some additional thoughts (again, for the completists). Sites with the most complete info at e-press-time are IUMA and Rolling Stone. Everyone else is playing catch-up, having already been sent the most current info. Stay tuned, they'll get around to it. (Others like musicsearch.com and BandLink.Net are either swamped or revamping their submission process so they'll have to wait a bit.)

Let's see, what else. The IUMA site has an interesting deal. We're supposed to get something like a zillionth of a cent from IUMA for every B.E. page visit (a piece of the banner ad action) so make every page load count when you visit. (Watch - IUMA gets a run on Broadside Electric MP3 downloads. I can see it now. Yes, visualize it. Now go, go forth, yea, verily, press thy mouse buttons multiple times!)

A word about the MP3 files. The MP3s we have posted (one from each Broadside album) were all carefully considered and approved by the band once upon a time. They are of very high quality and are full- length tracks to boot (128-bit, 44.1, Stereo for you MP3 die-hards). Which tracks? Ahh, you'll have to visit the sites above to find out. Our aim is to give folks a taste of Broadside through the years by giving away one (and only one) sanctioned track from each album and making them as widely available as possible. We encourage everyone to point folks to these MP3s, often. Spread the word, why dontcha. In fact, if you want to broadcast these files over Napster, SHOUTcast or Live365 go nuts. Just don't shut any college campus computer networks down in the process, OK?

Joe D'Andrea

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