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Broadside Electric • 321 Grayling Ave., Narberth, PA  19072
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15 April 1999

Work on the new Broadside Electric CD continues unabated, as we finish up tracking through the end of May. It's amazing just how much music we have managed (or is it dared?) to record. The really fun part is yet to come: mixing the thing and getting the booklet ready! Just like a magazine, really ... only a lot smaller ... and very shiny on at least one side.

In fact, you can reflect light off a CD surface extremely well. Careful, though, 'cause you can go blind if you try that stunt in broad daylight. PLEASE use caution. Ahh, the mighty CD. Reflects light with the greatest of ease. Ever stop to think about that? Can your fancy-schmancy magazine with its ad-funded high-gloss finish do THAT?! Hmph. Didn't think so.

Joe D'Andrea

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