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31 June 1998

The mega-weekend with Einstein's Little Homunculus was mega-amazing. Or is that mecha-amazing? BE and ELH jammed on a cover of Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla" at Fergie's Pub, and then -- AND THEN ... AND THEN:

We all went full tilt during the Battle of the Bands at the Philadelphia Folksong Society's season-ending concert. Picture ten crazy people (us) on stage, cruising through Broadside's "As I Roved Out," across a barrage of tunes, and crossing the finish line with Einstein's "Disobedience."

In the end, it was Einstein's very own Rob Rudin who made the boldest move of the evening. During the requisite "closing number" Rob actually donned the PFS banner (which we understand has been with the organization for quite some time now), employing it as a multicolor cape! BE's Joe D'Andrea could only describe the spectacle as "The finest George Clinton impression I've ever seen or heard. Man, I've gotta get out my P-Funk albums again." Then he mumbled something about 'rhythm and rhymes' and wandered off aimlessly.

Thanks to all of you who joined in the fun! We couldn't play it for you without you.

Joe D'Andrea

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